North End Beach Club


iStar recently submitted its plans to the City to construct a one-story beach club on the north end. The club will feature a large pool, a variety of cabanas, restrooms, lockers, and an outdoor grill area for food service on the ground floor, as well as, a small rooftop deck with a seating area.

The new one-story amenity building speaks to the nearby area’s history as a beach and bathing club during the mid-1900’s and features a thoughtful and environmentally friendly design spearheaded by iStar’s creative lead Anda Andrei, in conjunction with Handel Architects. During the design process, iStar met with members of the local community to discuss the project and adjusted the proposed plan based on the feedback, to include reducing the height of the building from two stories to one, which places its height below the existing amenity deck of the condominium project located across the street. As designed, the proposed beach club is fully compliant with all local and state requirements.

Memberships will be available for sale to the public. The beach club will be built entirely on private property and will maintain all existing public beach access points. In an effort to further enhance access to the future boardwalk, a new public walkway will be added at 7th Avenue. The entire beach remains open to the public and under the control of the City of Asbury Park. The project is now undergoing an official public and governmental review and is expected to open in 2020.

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