As the Master Developer for the waterfront in Asbury Park, iStar has an unparalleled long-term vision and is committed to giving back to the community in a meaningful way. Our team has worked to form strong, long-lasting partnerships with local non-profit and civic organizations, community leaders, and elected officials in and around the Asbury Park  community.


iStar is proud to partner with many outstanding non-profit, local and civically minded organizations, most notably the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monmouth County (BGCM). We have made significant time and financial commitments to the Clubs, to include offering vital legal and development expertise to enhance the Club’s facility at no cost to the organization. iStar has also underwritten scholarships for BGCM kids to attend surf camp, which not only teaches the basics of the sport to the children, but also critically important water safety skills as well. Brian Cheripka, Senior Vice President of Land Development for iStar, has served as an officer on its Board of Directors since 2014. iStar believes in the tremendous work BGCM does to serve the youth of Asbury Park.

In an effort to promote Asbury Park as a premier beach destination, iStar is also proud to partner with the Asbury Park Chamber of Commerce where Brian Cheripka serves as a board trustee. iStar is also committed to promoting local economic development. For more than eight years, iStar has sponsored the annual Fourth of July boardwalk fireworks display – now one of the largest on the Jersey shore.

In addition to our partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County, iStar seeks to identify and partner with other local businesses that can help enhance the community. Oftentimes, this can mean sponsoring new initiatives. Prior to the development of The Asbury, iStar was responsible for the creation and management of an ambassador program where 40-45 young adults from Asbury Park and surrounding communities were given hospitality training, were employed at local events, and assisted City visitors during the busy summer months.


iStar is proud to sponsor the following community organizations and events:
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