Public Infrastructure

Since 2011, iStar has added $3 million in beach-themed landscaping throughout the waterfront, including the planting and maintenance of trees, grasses, sod and irrigation systems. Working on behalf of the City, iStar removed overhead electrical and data utilities and replaced them with underground systems, installed new storm-sewer systems, and put in new street lighting, curbs and sidewalks. To date, iStar has installed more than $18 million in new public infrastructure on Monroe Street, Heck Street, Sewall Avenue, Asbury Avenue, Kingsley Street, 4th Avenue, and 5th Avenue – with millions of dollars more to come. Additionally, in 2016, iStar reconstructed Atlantic Park, near Sunset Lake, installing nearly 2 acres of new sod and handicap accessible walking paths, as well as an irrigation system to ensure the grass survives hot summer months. The Company currently maintains the park on behalf of the City.
Throughout the year, iStar performs weekly maintenance on all the City’s traffic islands and the boardwalk green spaces located in the waterfront. iStar has also planted and maintained thousands of native dune grasses, nearly 300 trees and hundreds of flowers and shrubs on our vacant property, around the temporary parking lots and on the landscaped open spaces along the mile long Asbury Park boardwalk. iStar provides more than 1,000 professionally managed off-street parking spaces across the waterfront for the benefit of the local retail businesses and visitors to the beach.
Following Superstorm Sandy, iStar voluntarily stepped in and worked with the City to secure $1 million in federal funding for all new LED boardwalk lighting. iStar also contributed more than $125,000 to cover a funding gap on the public project between the amount awarded by the federal grant and the total cost of the final project.
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