North End Boardwalk Improvements


Originally envisioned as part of the overall waterfront redevelopment plan, the north end environmental enhancement and boardwalk improvement project would have increased beach resiliency with new sand dunes, beach grasses, a storm water filtration system, greater beach access and a new boardwalk. The project would have also reconstructed all existing pedestrian beach access points and ADDED an additional access point, all while providing for a quieter more naturalistic boardwalk experience.

Despite fully complying with the extensive approval process required by the City and State to move forward with the north end boardwalk improvements, iStar agreed to the City request to delay the project. As a responsible and responsive partner in the community, iStar agreed to allow the City to move forward with a public redesign process. iStar supports a planning process that will provide a community-based vision for the redesign of the public improvements at the north end boardwalk area and Fisherman’s parking lot. This vision is one that can, and should, include a long-term solution for the Bradley Cove development site.

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