North End Boardwalk Improvements

As part of the overall waterfront redevelopment plan vision, the north end environmental enhancement and boardwalk improvement project increases beach resiliency with new sand dunes, beach grasses, a storm water filtration system, greater beach access and a new boardwalk. The project reconstructed all existing pedestrian beach access points and added an additional access point, all while providing for a quieter and more naturalistic boardwalk experience.

Originally beginning in the fall of 2018, and fully compliant with the extensive approval process required by the City and State, the community petitioned City Council to halt construction and rework the original design. As a responsible and responsive partner in the community, iStar supported a planning process that provided a community-based vision for the redesign of the public improvements at the north end boardwalk area and Fisherman’s parking lot. The result was a public improvement that will forever enhance the community.

The North End Boardwalk Improvements project was completed in the summer of 2020 for $8 million. The improvements included:

  • 92 parking spaces, 4 Handicap parking spaces, 6 motorcycle parking spaces
  • 45 bike racks that can hold up to 90 bikes
  • All new LED lights on the Boardwalk, bathrooms, parking lot
  • 100 LF (15 feet wide) Meandering path connecting the boardwalk to the brand new parking lot
  • Replaced 1,200 LF linear length of boardwalk with the width of 60′-30′
  • Installed men’s, women’s and neutral bathroom. All have diaper changing stations.
  • 2 acres of new landscaping to include native trees (115), grasses (50,000), shrubs (2,000) and flowers (1,250)
  • Parking lot designed for 100% runoff capture and infiltration to groundwater
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